In response to the surreal time we have found ourselves in, I am hoping to collate and curate some insights.

How are artists responding to this situation?  What are you creating in direct response to social isolation?  As well as your art, I'd like to hear from you.  So please answer the questions as well as sending your images.

To submit work for consideration in the next publication you need to send the following to

  • Hi res photos of your work (3-5)
  • Title of artworks
  • Materials used
  • Name of artist
  • A link you’d like included with your work (this can be a website/shop/Instagram link etc)
  • Answers to these questions:

1. How has social isolation/distancing affected you personally?

2. Has social isolation altered your process/practice?  If so, how?

3. What art have you created in direct response to the current situation?

4. What message does your new art portray?

(You’ll be notified by email if your work is chosen for this issue and the Art Zines will be printed in full colour and available to purchase from this website and any galleries who stock it.)

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